Retail Dealer (large quantity) Inquiries Accepted for Amish Barn Stars

Retail Dealer (large quantity) Inquiries Accepted for Amish Barn Stars

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Dealer inquiries are accepted for the Amish Barn Stars only with complete business information, a resale tax number and a retail location. I do not sell to dealers for Internet sales. Stars are not drastically less than prices offered on my website, but still are priced well for retail sales in a local shop, flea market or show. Stars made on an American farm by an Amish family that I have bought from for 9+ years.

Email interest and I will email application form. When that is completed and returned, I will email dealer price list and information sheet. There is a minimum opening order and minimum reorder requirement. Retail businesses only.

Stars are made from used/recycled tin found in the area. I know that sounds like a lot of recycled tin - but that's the way it's done. The stars are hand made using traditional methods. For Your Dream Home (or barn)! Amish Barn Stars still ring a note of true Americana even if the HGTV Dream Home design this year no longer features one as it has for several years. And to blend with more styles, I've added pastel color options.

I could easily purchase stars from other suppliers, but I don't -- other stars just aren't the same. They look and are new, uniformly massed produced and lack character and charm. Most of those "cookie cutter" stars are being manufactured and shipped here from Taiwan, China or other countries. The barn stars I offer look like vintage stars because they're the real thing -- authentic and weathered -- even though they are newly constructed from old materials and sometimes the paint is new so that I can offer "designer" colors. I think you'll love them as much as I do.

Images are examples and are not the exact star you will receive, but are a good representation. But if you're looking for shiny and new -- these probably aren't for you. Size, paint coverage, rusting, tin condition, and color vary with each individual star. Sizes offered: 11 in, 21 in, 3 ft, 4 ft, 6 ft (special order). Size may vary from star to star. Colors usually available: Black, White, Red, Mustard, Blue, Seafoam, Light Pink. I can also request custom colors. If I don't have the color/size you want, I'll be happy to order it for you.  Turnaround is pretty fast!

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